Retrofit Technology

Whether you require retrofit control for CNC machines, or enhance the performance of older machines, B-Line Mechanical technicians are confident in all aspects of design, rebuild and implementation.

Retrofit TechnologyRetrofit technlogy is especially important for medium to large machines, where the mechanical functions work well, but the controls or electrical components may be outdated or unreliable.

We use the most appropriate technology to deliver complete retrofit integration onto an existing machine or new piece of equipment, always keeping current safety regulations in mind.

Our attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship guarantee that the final product will provide better performance for much less than the purchase price of a brand new machine.

B-Line Mechanical has completed numerous projects on various type of production machines including paper converting, packaging machines and many others.

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On-Site Services

Machine Tool Repair /Rebuilding

Machine Tool Repair

Today's economy demands more than traditional machine repair, it requires solving problems or finding solutions for process improvements that are both cost-effective and timely. That’s why B-Line Mechanical will accurately identify your problem, then implement a mechanically stable and financially efficient solution to keep your machine running.

How we work - During the dismantle process of your machine rebuild, B-Line technicians carefully take apart, measure and log all vital elements of your machine. Replacement parts that are unavailable, or carry a long waiting period, can be created in-house using our extensive machining capabilities. Because rebuilding is a tedious process demanding precise positioning and flawless range of motion, we test and run until your machine operates like clockwork. We are patiently dedicated to bringing you a single end product ... perfection.

Welding / Fabrication

welderB-Line Mechanical has over 19 years experience with mig, stick and other weld processes & machined product repairs.

We can provide complete industrial metal fab services or work with your own team, where you need extra support for a special project. When you need a welder for small 1-3 day projects - call us for fast and reliable service.

Machine Installation

Machine installation can be as simple as laying out a design on the floor, position the pieces, then install the pieces.... or as complicated as a fully integrated production system.

From small projects with single piece units to multiple piece installations, B-Line Mechanical is your perfect partner for those detailed projects.

Machine Install
  • * Rigging and setting equipment
  • * Erecting supporting structural steel
  • * Installation and integrating production lines
  • * Alignment of shafts, motors, gearboxes, and pumps